Surprisingly enough, this is the first Justice League trailer that actually got me a little excited about the movie. Maybe it was just the David Bowie song Heroes emitting good vibes, reminding me of how much I enjoyed Stranger Things. Or, maybe it was that I just finished watching My Hero Academia Season 2 yesterday and am still enamored by that show’s inspirational and hopeful vision of what it means to be a hero. You know what; it most likely was just my feelings towards Stranger Things and My Hero Academia that got me excited watching this trailer.

However, I’m inclined to hope that this trailer actually had some merit to it and that Justice League has the potential to be a good film. I still despise the overabundance of CGI in this trailer (and I know you’re thinking that they’ll polish up the graphics by the time the film’s released, but I counter your hypothetical argument with Batman vs. Superman, which failed to meet my CGI standards, making me very worried about the CGI this time around – sorry; I’m getting distracted). This trailer got me hoping that Justice League can succeed on a narrative level and show audiences the importance of unity in the face of adversity, and what it truly means to be a hero!

At the heart of this little post, I’m recommending that if you haven’t watched them yet, you should definitely check out Stranger Things and My Hero Academia. My Hero Academia perfectly captures the idealistic image of what a hero should be (similar to what Superman is supposed to be and what he is supposed to stand for). I hope Justice League ends up being a good movie, or at least an enjoyable film. But if it isn’t, there are still thousands of amazing superhero stories you can enjoy in film, tv, comics, and novels!