Baby Driver Thumbnail

Throughout Baby Driver’s runtime, my jaw hit the floor on more than one occasion. There wasn’t just one fantastic car chase/action scene in Baby Driver; almost every car chase/action scene was fantastic in Baby Driver! The level of detail and care that went into filming every sequence of the movie really astounded me. All the action is meticulously choreographed to the music Baby is listening to on his iPod–the gunshots, the car honks, the gas pedal, everything. And this choreography made for some very exciting and fresh action.

Music flows throughout the core of Baby Driver and is not only used to choreograph action. There are wonderful sections where the music-editing-combo is used to great comedic effect or to convey certain feelings to the audience. Baby Driver did an awesome job capturing the feeling you get when you’re listening to a great song and you start acting and perceiving things in time with the beat. It’s like you start viewing the world through the music you’re listening to, and Edgar Wright brilliantly makes this the reality in Baby Driver.